Wednesday, October 10, 2018

ClearSnap: Mum Planner Ink Pen Clip and Fall Notebooks

Hi everyone! Today I two projects in one blog post I would like to share. I created an ink pen clip holder and decorated mini notebooks for the Woodsy Autumn Planner. You can find the Woodsy Autumn blog post HERE in case you missed that.

For the first project I'll start with directions for the ink pen holder. 

I cut three medium, three small flowers and two leaves from Crinoline fabric with the Journaling Cards, Flowers and Leaves Diecutsinked a glass tray with Sunshine and Golden Blend Inks and add water to ink. I laid each flower into the ink mixture, removed and let dry. I cleaned the glass tray off and ink with Leaf and Frog Blends Inks, add water to ink, laid both leaves into mixture, removed and let dry.

I inked Art Daubers with Butter and Candied Yam Ink and lightly ink the edges of each flower. I added a drop of Zip Dry Adhesive to the center of each flower. Laid each flower on top of each other, pinch in the center, shaped and added a gem to the center of the flower. I folded each leaf down the center and edge with Candied Yam ink, adhered each leaf to the back of the flower with a loop of hemp cording. 

I cut a 1 7/8 inch piece of stretch elastic and adhere each end with Fabri-Tac adhesive to each side of a binder clip. But sure to tuck the elastic up under the "rolled" metal of each side of the clip.

I adhered the flower to elastic loop  and let dry. 

For my second project I cut patterned cardstock to fit the front and back of each notebook and I inked edges of cardstock with Leather Ink and adhere to the front and back of each notebook. I also cut two strips of cardstock and ink edges with Leather ink and glue to the center of each notebook.
cut two wreath diecuts from cardstock and adhere to the front of each notebook. Punch two circles and two seal circles, ink edges with Leather ink and glue to the corner of each wreath diecut. Next I cut two mini flowers, one small flower and a leaf sprig from Crinoline Fabric using the Journaling Cards, Flowers and Leaves Diecuts
I inked a glass tray with Melon and Golden Blend Inks, add water and lay the mini flower diecuts into the mixture, remove and let dry. Ink edges of the mini flowers with Butter ink.
I cleaned the glass tray and ink with Leaf Blends Ink, add water and lay the leaf sprig into ink mixture. Remove and let dry. Ink edges of the leaf sprig with Mint ink.
I adhered a monogram to one of the notebooks and add a mini flower and cut one leaf from the leaf sprig and adhere both on top of the monogram. Glue a sequin and a gem to the center of the flower.
The other wreath notebook apply a drop of glue to the center of the medium flower and pinch and shape. Add a sequin and a gem to the center of the flower along with a leaf from the sprig and loop some hemp cording and glue both the front of the notebook. Also add a mini flower with a gem in the center of the flower next to the medium flower.

The other two notebooks I stamped the words "ideas" and "notes" with the Leather Ink onto patterned cardstock, cut out and adhere one word to each cover. 

I adhered Ric Rac on the front of each cover. Punch two butterflies from patterned cardstock and add next to each word and added gems down the center of each butterfly. 

Next I slid each of the notebooks underneath the elastic cording of the planner.

I clipped the ink pen holder to one of the notebooks and added an ink pen.

As always if you have any questions about these projects please let me.

Thanks for stopping by, hope your Wednesday is awesome and enjoy creating!

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